The Story of Zeev Kitchens….

On July 1 2000 two brothers decided to help their father Jacob Zeev set up a spray painting business. It soon became apparent that these two brothers, Touly and Shai Zeev, were to develop a real passion for the kitchen industry. In a highly motivated style Touly and Shai Zeev were to develop strong skills and innovative expertise in the kitchen trade.

The Zeev brothers have quickly established an industry-respected brand in J-to-Z Polishing. Today they are the leaders of the industry in paint applications. Over the years the Polytone Finish has been developed by the company
and today over 10,000 kitchens have been painted utilising this technology.

Utilising all the experience gained, and being greatly inspired, Touly and Shai have decided to create manufacturing channels to deliver each and every component of the kitchen in house and totally Australian made.

Today they are proud to employ Australia’s most experienced employees in the industry with backing by unbeatable manufacturing power. The Zeev Company have all the kitchen components manufactured in Australia to the highest standard and quality combining the state of art machineries, Industry leading software and a highly skilled employee base.

The Zeev brothers present themselves to the public with the uppermost pledge that guarantees to deliver the most advanced and latest designed kitchens in Australia.